April 17, 2020 Release: Project search, auto-convert text to documents in Storybuilder, and more!

April 17, 2020 Release: New Project search term, auto-convert text to documents in Storybuilder, export marked-up transcripts and more!

Expected US release: 17 April 2020

Expected AU, CA, EU, and UK release: 24 April 2020

We’re excited to release a new Project search term to let you easily search against the contents of other partial projects, Storybuilder improvements including the ability to auto-convert text to documents in Drafts and Depositions, new Review Window improvements, and more! 

Read on for more information about the features included in this release.


  • Project Search Term lets you see which documents are in another project
  • New Storybuilder Improvements auto-converts text to documents in Storybuilder, expands Storybuilder keyboard shortcuts, and allows exporting annotated transcripts to PDF or Word
  • Review Window Improvements includes scrollable text view and hit highlights in the jump bar (in text and image/PDF view) 


Project Search Term

With the new Project search term, you can now search against documents in other partial projects in the same database! You can find the Project search term in the Document section of the search page, so long as you have access to at least one other partial project in the database. You will find a list of your searchable projects automatically generated in its drop-down. Read more about the new Project search term here


New Storybuilder Improvements

This month, you’ll see a series of improvements throughout the Storybuilder suite to continue building on January’s major release of Depositions and Dashboards. 

Auto-convert text to documents

With this release, it’s even easier to add documents to your Drafts and Depositions! Now, you can type, or paste, a document’s Bates or control number in the text of your Draft or Deposition, and it will automatically convert into a document reference. This adds the document as an object, as well as to the associated Story.


To learn more about adding documents in Drafts, check out this article

Keyboard shortcuts in Storybuilder Dashboard, Timeline, Depositions, and Drafts

We’ve also added new keyboard shortcuts to Storybuilder to help you more efficiently build your story. We have added shortcuts to the Storybuilder Dashboard, as well as to the Timeline, Deposition, and Drafts tabs of the Storybuilder page. Just hit the question mark key to see the keyboard shortcuts available for any page in Everlaw. For a list of existing keyboard shortcuts on Everlaw, see this support article.

Export annotated transcripts in Depositions

Everlaw now supports more flexible exports of marked up Storybuilder Deposition transcripts. You can now click on the download icon to download the Native transcript, or export your annotated transcript (with notes and highlights) to a PDF or Word document. The beginning of each PDF export includes hyperlinked notes and citations. Transcripts exported to Word will include highlights, and all Everlaw notes will display as Word comments. 


Review Window Improvements

We’re continuing to improve the review window experience to get the details right! 

To further increase the speed and ease of review, it is now possible to scroll continuously through entire documents in text view. No need to click “Next Page” to view the text of multi-page documents.

Hit highlights are now represented in a jump bar on both the PDF and text view. You can now hover over a color band to see how many hits are on that page. Clicking on a band will navigate you to that page. 

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