June 12, 2020 Release: Upload folders directly, production improvements, and more!

June 12, 2020 Release: Upload folders directly, production improvements, and more!

Expected US release: 12 June 2020

Expected AU, CA, EU, and UK release: 19 June 2020


Now, you can upload folders to Everlaw when using Chrome! We have also improved our production defaults, and more! 

Read on for more information about the features included in this release.


Folder support for uploads

When uploading data, users can now drag and drop folders instead of files. This is most helpful when uploading split archives which no longer need to be zipped together in preparation for upload (they still must all be in the same folder without additional files). This feature leverages Google Chrome functionality and, therefore, is not available in other browsers. For the same reason, folders can only be submitted using drag-and-drop, and cannot be selected when choosing to browse for files. 

For more information on uploading documents, please visit this article.

[Production] Default to include natives without images

When producing natives, users can now choose from the following options:

  • Include natives for all documents 
  • Include natives for all documents without images (default)
  • Do not include natives
  • Custom…

To learn more about these production options, please read this article.

Search Term Reports filter

Users can now filter Search Term Reports by name from the sidebar. Type in any text to filter to results that contain the text.


To learn more about Search Term Reports check out this article.

[Organization Administrators] Additional processed upload improvements

Continuing the improvements to the processed uploading tool, several changes have been made

  • Processed uploads have been categorized into several tabs for convenience: In Progress, Complete, and Deletion in progress.
  • The database filter will now create entries that can be removed from the filter easily.
  • Upload configurations and summaries will now be opened in the same tab and will continue uploading documents when hidden. This will allow users to manage all current uploads within a single tab.
  • The speed of loading more uploads has been increased to allow users faster access to historical data.

To learn more about processed uploads, please visit this article.

Include coding presets in full screen layouts

Coding presets will now be saved with full screen layouts. 


To learn more about coding presets, please visit this article. To learn more about review window layouts check out this article.

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