Marked Exhibit Ingestion

After a deposition, you may wish to upload formally marked deposition exhibits provided by a court reporter. This article describes the steps to upload marked deposition exhibits as processed data and link them to the documents they originated from in Everlaw for easy reference. You can learn how to upload deposition transcripts at the link here

First, ensure your deposition exhibits are recognizably and uniquely named for upload. Often, marked exhibits are provided as PDFs matching their exhibit number. Choose a naming convention that will prevent naming overlaps. For example, if your case restarts exhibit numbering with each deposition, name your PDFs by deponent or another identifier (e.g. LastNameExhibit1.1.PDF). If your exhibit numbering continues from deposition to deposition, a naming convention like Exhibit3000.1.PDF is appropriate. Add a page number suffix of .1 to the end of your filenames just before the .PDF file extension. This will ensure that subsequent pages do not overlap with other exhibits numbers. 

Next, export the marked exhibit numbering noted during deposition. Navigate to your Deposition in Everlaw, toggle to the Exhibit view, and Export to CSV. 


Download your exported CSV. It should include a column for the exhibit numbers marked during your deposition, and the Bates/Control # of those documents. 


Next, rename the Bates/Control # field as “Exhibit From” and delete all other columns except for Exhibit #. Add a new blank column named Bates/Control # and populate it with your PDF names, matching the numbers in the Exhibit # column. This will become your load file for uploading and linking your PDF exhibits. 


Submit both the exhibit linking load file and your exhibit PDFs for upload. If you upload as a File Transfer for Everlaw’s Customer Experience team to complete, please upload it as “Processed Data.” If you are uploading directly with Everlaw’s Processed Uploader, add a column with the number of pages for each exhibit. 


Lastly, on the Project Settings metadata page under Metadata Project Settings, add the new “Exhibit From” metadata field to “Versions.” This will link your upload exhibits to the original documents as Versions. This lets you group documents by versions in the results table, and quickly reference exhibit versions in the context panel of the review window. 


However, note that Storybuilder version priorities will only connect documents produced on Everlaw, regardless of what project settings are set to show as versions in the review window.

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