September 10, 2021 Release: Slack uploads, custom review window layouts, and more!

Expected US release: September 10, 2021

Expected AU, CA, EU, and UK release: September 17, 2021

With this release, we’ve added the ability to upload directly from Slack, duplicate production protocols and more — read on for more information about the features coming out this month! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.


Upload data directly from Slack

Users who are Slack Enterprise Grid Org Owners and have Database Upload permissions on Everlaw can now upload Slack data directly into Everlaw through the cloud. Users can log in to their Slack accounts on Everlaw and choose which custodians they would like to collect data from, specify a date range, and choose which private and public channels they would like to collect.


For more information on uploading from Slack, check out this article.

Share review window layouts and attach to assignment groups

Review window saved layouts can now be shared with other users and groups, and project admins can set a particular review window layout as the default for a project. Additionally, users with create or admin permissions for assignment groups can now set the default review window layout for each assignment group. 


As a reviewer, this default layout is loaded automatically when you open the review window through your assignment card. This allows you to see the optimal layout for your work when you first start an assignment, and also means that assignment administrators can set different review window layouts for different assignment groups. For example, first pass reviewers may need easy access to a different set of codes than second pass reviewers.

As in previous releases, if you are working in the full screen review window you can edit your review window layout and save your changes, using buttons in the bottom of the panel. You can also load an existing layout; new in this release, the menu of available layouts includes the project default, layouts that you have created, and layouts shared with you.


To learn more about saving and sharing review window layouts, see this article, and to learn more about assignment groups, see this article.

Easier access to assignment documents

New in this release, clicking the View unreviewed documents icon (circled, below) opens a results table with just the unreviewed documents. 


The review window layout selected by your assignment group creator is loaded automatically when you first open the review window through your assignment card. If you later load a different layout, your selected layout is loaded instead. To learn more about saving and sharing review window layouts, see this article.

Ability to copy production protocols

You can now easily create a protocol based on an existing one! On the Protocols page, simply navigate to the protocol of interest and click “Copy” on the upper right. You’ll be dropped into a wizard that is auto-populated based on existing settings, where you can make tweaks as needed and save as a new protocol.


To learn more about production protocols, check out this article.

Configure native filenames on export

When exporting documents in the results table to a ZIP file, users can now choose between several options for native filenames: Bates number, original filename, or Bates number and original filename. These options are available in the ZIP export dialog.


Users can also select the option to clean up native filenames, which will replace characters like colons and backslashes with underscores to be compatible with all operating systems. If two native files have the same name, the export will fail, and the user will receive a notification with the Bates or control numbers of the problem documents.


To learn more about exporting to ZIP, check out this article.

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