November 5, 2021 Release: Improved user analytics, support for no-prefix processed data, native upload API, and more!

Expected US Release: November 5, 2021

Expected International Release: November 12, 2021

With this release, we’ve added the ability to upload pre-processed data without a prefix, support for Outlook for Mac (OLM) files and more — read on for more information about the features coming out this month! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.


Ability to Upload Pre-Processed Data without a Prefix

Everlaw now allows documents to have an empty Bates Prefix! For example, it is now possible to upload a document with 0001 as its begin Bates value You can create documents with an empty prefix by uploading processed data with a loadfile, by uploading appropriately named PDFs without a loadfile, or by selecting the “Produce without a Bates Prefix” checkbox in the Details step of the production protocol wizard. When submitting processed data containing documents with no Bates prefix, check the “Allow Bates with empty prefix” box in the “Edit Bates Prefixes” configuration-tool.


To produce documents using an empty prefix, check the box labeled Produce without a Bates Prefix on the details tab of the production protocol setup wizard, shown below for reference.


The “Assign Bates” tool will also now support assignment of Bates numbers with no prefix. To use an empty prefix in the Other Bates column, simply leave the “Prefix” field blank before clicking “Apply” when assigning Other Bates in the search results table.

Include bates list in search term report export to CSV

You can now choose to include Bates numbers in search term report exports to CSV in the download dialog. A column will be added that lists the Bates numbers of the documents that contain each search term. This can increase the time needed to export an STR to a CSV. Learn more about exports in our article on search term reports.


Support for Outlook for Mac (OLM) files

The platform now supports OLM files for Outlook for Mac archives. Similar to PST files, emails, calendar events and contacts will be extracted from OLM archives and available for review on the platform.

OLM files uploaded to the platform prior to release 75 will remain as having examine errors and need to be reprocessed for the contents to be extracted correctly. New uploads with OLM files will be extracted and processed during the upload process. Learn more about our supported file and data types in our article on native data types.

Everlaw Upload API

Everlaw’s API now supports automating native uploads. You can build programs that integrate your organization’s upload process directly with Everlaw. With the upload API, you can now automate setting upload configurations, updating source files, naming custodians, and reporting on this information for existing native uploads. This also unlocks advanced functionality for API users like turning off deNISTing and directly managing part sizes in file transfers. Learn more about the Everlaw API in our organization admin article.

Improved user event filters

Project Admins can now filter historic user activity by date, user, and action category on the User Activity page. To see user events, select relevant users in the dropdown. From there, you can filter events further by applying a date range or selecting a category of actions that you would like to view.


For easier viewing, you can condense the individual documents events in a batch action into a single batch event by unselecting the “individual doc actions” checkbox.


To export user activity on the project to a CSV, click the Export button to the right of the date and action selectors. Exports will be configured based on your applied filters.


Learn more about viewing all user activity on your project in our article on user activity.


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