January 14, 2022 Release: Automatic dtSearch® translation, single PDF and single folder production packaging, and loosened native production restrictions!


Expected US Release: January 14, 2022

Expected International Release: January 21, 2022


Our first release of 2022 brings dtSearch translation, single PDF and single folder packaging for productions, and loosened restrictions on producing natives with attachments. Read on for more information about the features in this release or join us for a live training session

Improvements in this release


Automatically translate dtSearch® syntax

Everlaw now automatically translates dtSearch® syntax in Everlaw searches and Search Term Reports. dtSearch® is a search syntax commonly used in the discovery process and can frequently be found in negotiated production protocols, specifically in keyword lists. 

Translating dtSearch®

dtSearch® terms can now be directly imported into Everlaw’s Search Term Report (STR) feature. After import, indicate the terms are in dtSearch® syntax and Everlaw will translate them into Everlaw search syntax.  


You can review the translation status for your uploaded search terms before adding them to a STR. There are three possible statuses: 

  • Successful: these terms have been successfully translated to their equivalent Everlaw search syntax
  • Best approximation: these terms are not fully supported in Everlaw search syntax, but a best approximation translation was made
  • Error:  these terms have errors that prevent translation

Successful and best approximation translations will be added to the STR while errored translations will not be. You can edit any errored search terms by going back to the previous import step, using the error messages as guidance for what needs to be fixed. Once satisfied, click “Add search terms” to add your translated terms to the STR. 



Autodetection of dtSearch®

Everlaw can now also auto-detect certain dtSearch® terms in the STR single search input box and in the Contents search term in the query builder. Autodetection may not detect all instances of dtSearch® and for the best translation experience, you should use the STR multiple term import workflow described above. 

When dtSearch® syntax is detected, a dropdown will appear beneath the input box alerting you to the fact. Clicking on the dropdown will replace your dtSearch® input with its Everlaw search syntax translation.  




Learn more about dtSearch translation.  


Single PDF and single folder packaging on Production

You now have the option to package your production files into a single PDF for all image files and a single folder for all files. This is useful in situations – like DSAR and FOIA requests – where you are required, or would prefer, to deliver data in a single package.  


Single-PDF packaging is only supported in productions where the imaged files are in PDF format. Productions with TIFF images cannot be packaged into a single file. 

Learn more about production packaging options


Loosened attachment restrictions on produced natives 

In order to produce parent documents in their native format, Everlaw requires that all children documents must also be included in the production. After this release, this restriction will only apply to emails, chats, and calendar objects. For other document types (e.g. Microsoft Office files, PDF portfolios), you will no longer need to include the children documents to produce the parent documents in native format. 



Learn more about production protocol options for native files.

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