February 11, 2022 Release: Malware detection, Microsoft 365 upload permission delegation, and more!

Expected US Release: February 11, 2022

Expected International Release: February 18, 2022

With our second release of the year, we’ve added malware detection and Microsoft 365 upload permission delegation! Read on for more information about the features in this release or join us for a live training session.

Improvements in this release: 

Malware Detection

Everlaw will now detect and flag files that might contain malware when processing native data. You can find these files on the right-hand side of the upload report.


If you are about to export, download, print, produce, or externally share potentially malicious files, you will receive a warning. You can choose to continue or cancel.


If you would like to receive warnings on previously uploaded files, you can reprocess those files. This feature is not available for processed uploads. 

Learn more about uploading native data to Everlaw.


Microsoft 365 upload permission delegation

With this release, if you have Global Admin permission on your Microsoft organization, you can create a list of delegated users who are able to make cloud uploads from your Microsoft 365 organization, regardless of their permissions on the Microsoft organization.


To enable you to manage your cloud organizations and your delegated users list, there is a new Cloud Management Admin permission at the organization level. Within your organization, you can now have any of the following permissions: no Organization Admin permissions, Cloud Management Admin permissions, or Org Admin permissions.


As a Cloud Management Admin, you have access to the Cloud Management tab of the Organization Page. If you are a Cloud Management Admin that also has Global Admin permissions on a Microsoft organization, you can add a Microsoft 365 organization to your Cloud Management list and delegate upload permissions to other users in your Everlaw organization’s projects. Anyone who has been granted permissions to upload data from your Microsoft organization will be listed here, as well as the Global Admin that granted those permissions.


You can learn more about Cloud Management Administration in the Cloud Management Administration Knowledge Base article.

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