March 11, 2022 Release: Everlaw Ediscovery Community for all, search improvements, and more!


Expected US Release: March 11, 2022

Expected International Release: March 18, 2022

Expected Federal Release: March 25, 2022


With this release, we’ve added easy access to the Everlaw Ediscovery Community, search improvements, and more — read on for more information about the features coming out this month! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.

Improvements in this release:

Everlaw Ediscovery Community accessibility 

You can now easily access the Everlaw Community page through the question-mark “help” icon at the top of any page in Everlaw.  


Clicking on the “Visit Everlaw Community” button will open a new tab, allowing you to create an Everlaw Community account and access the Community page. The Community page is a collaborative environment where you can expand your Everlaw knowledge and share insights and perspectives with others within the legal community. 


This page will not be accessible on federal environments.

Improvements to searching for unassigned documents in dynamic assignments 

With this release, we’ve made multiple improvements around searching for unassigned documents in dynamic assignments. 

The Assigned search term has been updated so that searching for the unassigned documents of a dynamic group will return all documents which meet the dynamic assignment’s inclusion criteria, and which have not been assigned in that assignment.

As part of this change, we’ve also updated the error messaging to let you know when your assignment inclusion criteria is creating an infinite recursive loop. An example of this would be: Both Assignment Group A and B are dynamic. Assignment Group A’s inclusion criteria includes documents assigned in Assignment Group B. Assignment Group B’s inclusion criteria includes documents assigned in Assignment Group A. This type of circular reference would create an infinite recursive loop and you will be prompted to resolve this before the inclusion criteria can be saved.  


We’ve also made some changes to the Assigned search term to better reflect the documents these searches return: 

  • “Assigned in ‘X’ (All in group)” will be replaced with “Assigned in ‘X’ (Assigned)”.
  • “Any Group, (All in Group)” will be replaced with the search term “Any Group (Assigned)” and a special term for “Any Static Group (Unassigned)”
  • “Any Group, (Unassigned)” will be replaced with the search term “Any Static Group (Unassigned)”
  • “Assigned in ‘X’ (Unassigned)”, if X is a dynamic group, will be left as is.

Your existing searches will automatically be updated to return the same documents they returned prior to this release. 

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