April 8, 2022 Release: Compatible keyboard shortcuts, automate metadata reporting with search API, and more!

Expected US Release: April 8th, 2022

Expected International Release: April 15th, 2022

With this release, we’ve added compatible keyboard shortcuts, the ability to automate metadata reporting with search API, and more — read on for more information about the features coming out this month! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.

User-facing features in this release:

Compatible keyboard shortcuts

You can now transition to Everlaw even more easily by continuing with some of the same keyboard shortcuts commonly used in Relativity. The following compatible keyboard shortcuts are now available in the Review window, Quick Review, or both without any additional setup! 

  • Go to the previous document: Alt + Page Up (Option + Fn + ↑ on Mac)
  • Go to the next document: Alt + Enter (Option + Enter on Mac)
  • Undo coding changes to current document: Alt + z (Option + z on Mac)
  • Code as previous: Shift + Alt + z (Shift + Option + z on Mac)
  • Go to previous search hit (supported views only): Alt + ↑ (Option + ↑  on Mac)
  • Go to next search hit (supported views only): Alt + ↓ (Option + ↓  on Mac)
  • Switch to Image view: Alt + i (Option + i on Mac)
  • Switch to Native view: Alt + n (Option + n on Mac)

You can always view the full list of available shortcuts for any page in Everlaw by selecting a “?” on your keyboard. To view a list of compatible shortcuts available in the Review Window or Quick Review, select “View compatible shortcuts.” 


Automate metadata reporting with search API 

You can now leverage Everlaw’s API to build custom, automated metadata reporting. Your business analytics reporting can now use Everlaw metadata information with the same flexibility as Everlaw search. Report on Custodian information, data types, and primary date ranges in the broader context of your whole data ecosystem. Additional functionality like review progress and upload processing reporting is coming to Everlaw’s API soon. Learn more about Everlaw’s API here, and access our developer documentation here for engineers integrating your system’s with Everlaw’s API. 

Performance Improvements

You’ll see additional general speed improvements in this release, especially for larger projects. You’ll experience faster load times for the homepage, searches, data visualizations, production protocols, partial projects, and others.

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