July 29, 2022 Release: Send automatic legal holds reminders, add attachments to legal hold notifications, and more!

Expected US Release: 07/29/2022

Expected International Release: 08/05/2022

Expected Federal Release: 08/12/2022


With this release, you can now send automatic legal holds reminders, add attachments to your legal hold notifications , and more — read on for more information about the features coming out this month! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.

Improvements in this release:

Automatically send quarterly reminders to all legal holds custodians

Some legal holds last for months or even years, and legal hold administrators have a duty to ensure that all custodians on those holds are periodically reminded that they are still under hold. Everlaw now allows these admins to set up these reminder notices upon creation of the hold, so admins don’t have to remember to send these notices months after the initial setup.

To set up a reminder notice for a new hold, simply create a new legal hold as before and walk through the legal hold creation wizard. We’ve added a step to the wizard for setting up reminder notices, called the “Reminder settings” step.


Reminders will be sent every 3 months by default, but you can change the interval at which reminders are sent or choose not to send reminders at all. If desired, you can also choose to require custodian acknowledgement for every reminder.

Please note that reminders are different from automatic renotifications. Renotifications are sent shortly after the initial hold notice to custodians who have not yet acknowledged their legal holds. Reminders are sent to all custodians regardless of acknowledgement status. Reminders are generally sent quarterly or half-yearly.

You can also add a reminder notice to an existing hold. To do so, visit the acknowledgement table of the existing legal hold, then click on the three-dot menu at the top right of the page. The three-dot menu will contain the list item “Reminder settings”.


Clicking on “Reminder settings” will take you to the same reminder settings page that exists in the legal hold creation wizard. The length of time before the reminder is sent will be calculated based on the initial send date of the hold, not the date that the reminder was created.

Reminders will be tracked in the custodian acknowledgement table and activity log for the relevant legal hold, along with all other events.


If custodian acknowledgement is required, a new “Reminder status” column will appear in the table next to “Acknowledgement status”. The reminder status column displays the current state of acknowledgement for the most recent reminder. 

Custodians who have acknowledged the original hold notice, but who have not yet acknowledged the reminder, will still display the green “Acknowledged” badge in the first column, but their reminder status in the second column will be “Not acknowledged”.

If a user who has not yet acknowledged the original hold notice acknowledges the reminder, the hold notice will also be considered acknowledged.

For more information on legal holds, consult the legal holds section of our Knowledge Base.

Add attachments to the legal hold notification email

Everlaw legal holds now support adding attachment(s) in a hold notice.

The same attachment will be included in the original hold notice, re-notification, reminder and escalation notices. The total email size limit is 7MB, including the message text body and encoding. If files are too large, a dialog will pop up explaining that the attachments are over the size limit. If there is a need to include files above the 7MB size limit, they can be linked to in the legal holds email as an external link rather than as an attachment.

Files currently attached can be downloaded by clicking on the file name of each attachment. To remove an attachment, click on the red X button next to the file name.


Please note that any changes in a legal hold attachment will require the hold notice to be sent out again with the new changes. This is similar to changes in the hold notice message body for current legal holds.

For more information about legal holds emails, please read our "Using legal holds” Knowledge Base article.

Support for AWS Translate

Everlaw now supports AWS Translate in addition to Google Translate. Organization Admins and Project Admins can configure an organization’s or project’s translation provider, or disable translation entirely. This setting can be configured in Organization Admin settings or Project Settings.

Organization Admins can go to Security Settings under the Organization Home page to override translation settings on all the projects in an organization. The override can set the translation provider to Google Translate (the platform default), or AWS Translate. It can also turn off translation (“No translation”).


If there is no organization override in place, Project Admins can configure a project’s translation settings under Project Settings > General > Language Tools. Translation can be set to Google Translate (the platform default), AWS Translate, or No translation.


You can read more about Everlaw’s machine translation tools in our General Settings article.

Promoted, produced and review search terms, email threading status and last login in Search API

Everlaw’s API continues to expand its support for robust and automated data reporting by adding promotion codes, project, and redactions search terms to the project search endpoint. It also adds information in project endpoints for email threading status, and last user activity date to project endpoints for project administration.

More information about the Everlaw API can be found in our Knowledge Base, as well as the Everlaw API documentation.

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