October 21, 2022 Release: Permanently rotate documents and include suspended projects in user reports!

Expected US Release: October 21, 2022

Expected International Release: October 28, 2022

Expected Federal Release: November 4, 2022


With this release, we’ve added the ability to permanently rotate documents, included suspended projects in user reports, and more — read on for more information about the features coming out this month! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.

Improvements in this release:


Permanently rotate documents

You can now permanently rotate documents in Everlaw! In the review window, when you select rotate, the change saves for you and other users. You can rotate one or more images or natives and rotations carry forward to productions. Learn more about rotating documents on Everlaw


As part of this update, a new permission controlling the ability to permanently rotate documents, "Permanent Rotation," has been added to the Review permissions subsection of the permissions tab of project settings. As part of this release, any user group with permission to both apply highlights and apply redactions has been granted the permission to permanently rotate documents. Learn more about user groups and project permissions.


Please note that, as part of this update, the Rotate Clockwise Arrow icon appearance and function has been modified; this icon now has a clickable caret icon and drop down menu to allow users to adjust the pages affected when rotating a document. Additionally, the Rotate Counterclockwise Arrow icon and keyboard shortcut (previously "x" in quick review and the review window) have been removed. Learn more about keyboard shortcuts.


Update to Everlaw terms

On October 21, 2022, Everlaw is updating our Customer Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Privacy Notice, TSS Guidelines, and Data Protection Addendum (the “Legal and Privacy Terms”). On your first login after this release, you will see the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice shown for your agreement before proceeding. Please note that if your organization has negotiated a separate written agreement with Everlaw that supersedes our Legal and Privacy Terms, these updates do not amend such agreements. 

[Organization Admin] Include suspended projects in user exports

When you export users on the Org Admin > Projects & Users page we’re now including the suspended projects a given user is on. Learn more about exporting users


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