How to Handle Uploads With Multiple Custodians

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For a full overview of how to prepare, perform, and modify uploads, view our comprehensive native uploads article.

In order to make the native upload process as smooth as possible, there are a few things to know about custodians before you begin: 

  • When uploading native data, you have the option to define custodian values. 
  • Uploads from your local machine handle custodians differently than uploads from a cloud-based app, such as Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. 

This article will enumerate the main differences and will provide solutions so that you can make sure your uploads are optimized.

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Handling multiple custodians for machine-based uploads 

If you have documents with multiple custodians, make sure documents of the same custodian are organized in their own sub-folders. You can create one top-level folder with any number and depth of sub-folders, but make sure that all documents within each sub-folder are from the same custodian. This is useful for preserving document path information, and will save you from having to specify the proper custodian at the document-level during the native upload process.


Preparing your data in this way simplifies the custodian naming process upon upload. Here is an example of what the step will look like: 


Notice how much easier it is to name the sub-folders by custodian. You can click the pencil icon by each folder to automatically fill the value with the custodian's name. Without established foldering structures, you would need to individually name file custodians, or name all files the same custodian by default. 

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How to handle multiple custodians for cloud-based uploads

When uploading a ZIP folder from a cloud source, you can only set one custodian for the entire folder, and cannot set custodians at the subfolder level. There are several solutions for managing custodians at the subfolder level for cloud-based uploads: 

Option 1: Upload the ZIP folder using the cloud uploader, specifying a single custodian, and then create editable metadata user fields in Case Settings that will allow you to specify custodians for the subfolders. 

Option 2: Download the ZIP folder and upload using the non-cloud uploader. This will allow you to specify a custodian for each subfolder. 

Option 3: Separate the subfolders into individual ZIPs, and upload each one using the cloud uploader. This will allow you to specify a custodian for each subfolder, although you will be creating separate uploads.

Option 4: Upload the ZIP folder using the cloud uploader, specifying a single custodian.

Once the documents have been uploaded, use the Export button to export ZIP folders of the image, text, and native versions of the documents.


Additionally, export a CSV of the results table of the documents, and manually add a new column that specifies the custodian for each document. This CSV will be your loadfile.


Once you have done this, create a single ZIP folder that contains the CSV as well as the image, text, and native ZIP folders. This will allow you to upload the single ZIP folder using the non-cloud uploader.


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