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You may need to export documents on your project to reduce storage by the end of the billing period. We recommend that you begin archiving your data 2 weeks before the end of the billing period. Export speed is roughly 1.5 million docs a day and deletion speed is roughly 1 million docs a day. Please account for download speeds to your local machine as well, or contact Everlaw Support for a managed export.

Once the decision is made that you no longer need active and ongoing access to your Everlaw project and its documents, there are a few options for what to do next.

Suspend the case on Everlaw

This option involves archiving your project on the Everlaw platform in a suspended state, and thereby keeping all documents, review data, and user analytics in place and accessible should the need arise to reopen the project.  Given that this requires continuously storing all case data in the cloud, there are associated charges. For more information about suspending projects and databases, see this article. Please review your contract or reach out to our Customer Experience team to better understand suspension costs.  

The advantage to this method is immediate and complete access to your archived project, when needed.  Turning the case back to active status is easy and takes just a few minutes, with no data lost in the process and no need to export any data.

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Everlaw managed export for self (or third-party) storage   

Everlaw can also provide a complete and managed export of all project data for storage by the user. This managed export incurs a one-time fee based on the hosted size of the files to be included, plus shipping and handling in the event physical media is requested. We will always seek your approval for any charges prior to performing the work and will notify you if there will be any adjustments to the cost. Please contact the Customer Experience team to get specific pricing for your export.

Should you wish to reupload this data to Everlaw a future date, you will need to create a new case. Re-uploaded data will not retain any document audit trails, case histories, or analytics.  

This provides a full set of documents and review data that can be reused as needed without an ongoing outlay for storage, but you must make your own reliable storage arrangements.

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User managed export for self-storage

You can manage your own data export without incurring any financial charge using the built in exporting tools on the Everlaw platform. We recommend that you do this before deleting data from the platform.

Data can be exported and downloaded into any formats that can be exported from Everlaw, listed here. Specifically, you can conduct a full project export which includes load files and review work. You can read more in this help article. Note that if you are planning to export your data, you can access it in the form of a card under Batches & Exports on the homepage, but the card will expire after 28 days.

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Delete all documents and data

The default option upon case closing is to simply destroy all data and associated review work from our cloud-based servers.  This ensures all sensitive client data is expunged from the platform. Even if you choose an exporting or archival option discussed above, case data will be fully deleted once those actions are complete.  This action is irrevocable, so you should be sure that you will never need to recover project data and its review work.

There are a few ways to go forwards with deleting data on Everlaw. For project deletion, please reference this help article. If you have delete permissions in database settings and would like to delete documents from the Everlaw database, please reference this help article. If you are a database administrator and would like to delete projects and databases, please reference this help article. If you are an organization administrator and would like to delete projects and databases, please reference this help article. Before continuing with deletion, if you think there's a chance you might need to recover the work, you can always conduct a project export first

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Need help deciding which option is right for you?  Please reach out to to discuss these options in more detail.

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