Building Logical Queries

Logical containers are the backbone to building complex queries in Everlaw. The “AND” and “OR” search terms create containers within the query builder that you can then add other search terms into. In addition, logical containers can also be nested within each other.  

Documents must satisfy all the search term criteria contained in an “AND” operator. Documents must satisfy one or more of the search criteria contained in an “OR” operator.

Let’s take a look at the complex search example below. Take a minute to try to interpret the logic of the query yourself before scrolling down to read to the explanation.


The search in the figure above will retrieve documents that match the following criteria:

  • The document’s text contain either the word “california”, or the word “energy”, or both the words “wind” and “solar”
  • In addition, the document must be an email, or an image, or a PDF

Remember that you can easily switch between the logical operators in the query builder by double-clicking on the logical operator.

If you have multiple logical containers in the query builder, the currently active container is designated by a thin blue border around the selected container. If you add new search terms into the query builder by clicking on them, they will automatically go into the currently active logical container. To change the currently active container, click once on the desired container so that the new container is outlined in blue. Now, any terms you click to add to the query will automatically go into the newly selected container.



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