Projects allow administrators to set up a new database for certain users that contains a subset, or all, of the documents in the original database. The documents in a project do not contain any of the annotations or labels applied to those same documents in the original database, nor are any of the user-editable metadata fields created. In essence, projects are "clean" versions of the original database that do not contain any of the review or work product accumulated during the course of review.

Use cases for projects include setting up separate databases for outside experts or co-counsel. Users on projects are able to create and apply their own annotations and metadata fields without affecting the original database. Everlaw supports unlimited project creation from an underlying database at no extra charge.

Creating a new project

To create a new project, navigate to the "Projects" tab under the case settings page. Click on the "Add a New Project" button in the upper right. You will be prompted to enter a name for your new project. Once you are done naming, either click "add", or press enter.

By default, projects contain no documents. You can create a partial project at any time. If you would like to create a project with the entire document set, AKA a complete project, please contact your Everlaw support. The type column tells you whether or not the project contains all the documents (complete), or just a subset (partial). 

For a complete project, all documents that are added to the main case will automatically be uploaded to the project. This means you will not see the name of the complete project in the export tab of the results table as a possible destination, as the project will already contain all of the documents available in the main case.

To create a partial project, you must add a subset of documents via results table. Once you have the documents you want in the results table, click the export button and navigate to the "Add to Project" tab. Remember that, by default, all of the documents in a results table are selected. You can, however, select only a subset of the documents by utilizing the checkboxes in the far left column. Choose the project you want to add/subtract the documents from, and then press "Modify Project". 

You can add multiple subsets of documents to a project. 


Adding Users

Once a project has been created, you can navigate to it by searching the project name, and selecting the associated matter (Figure 116). Once in the the case, you can administer it (add users and user groups, set up categories and codes, etc.) via the case settings tab. 


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