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What are Production Tools?

Production Tools include two major functions: the ability to add redaction stamps to your redactions, and access to a code wizard for creating production-oriented codes for your coding sheet. If Production Tools are not turned on, redaction tools will be unavailable in the review window.

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How can I tell if Production Tools are turned on or off in my project?

Navigate to the General tab of the Project Settings page. You should see a section for Production Tools.


If Production Tools are turned off, the toggle will be grey.

If Production Tools are turned on, the toggle will be green and a button for the production code wizard will also be visible. The interface for creating custom redaction stamps (more information in a later section) will appear in the section as well.


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What is the code wizard?

The code wizard can help you create production-oriented codes, such as privilege, responsiveness, and confidentiality codes, for your project. If production tools were previously turned off and you toggle them on, the code wizard will automatically pop-up. You can also access the wizard at any time by clicking on the Code Wizard button. The wizard is pre-populated with relevant codes in each category, but you can choose to delete or edit the available codes, or add new ones. In addition, you also have the option to make a category mutually exclusive, which means that only one code from that category can be applied at any given time to a document. Making the appropriate categories mutually exclusive can help reduce potential coding errors such as accidentally marking a document both responsive and non-responsive.


If you don’t want to add production codes, exit the dialog by clicking the “x” in the upper right.

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What are custom redaction stamps?

Custom redaction stamps can be used by reviewers to note why a redaction has been applied. If a stamp is applied to a redaction during review, the associated text will be overlaid on top of the redaction.


This feature is also integrated with productions: custom redaction stamps will be printed on top of redactions in produced documents, overriding any default text that might be specified in the production protocol.

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How can I create custom redaction stamps?

To create custom stamps, simply input the text of the stamp into the provided text box. An abbreviation is automatically generated, but you can override this with a custom abbreviation.


If you want to give your reviewers the ability to create and apply their own stamps, check the custom stamps box at the bottom of the production tools section. To delete a stamp, click on the appropriate trashcan.

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