Translated Document Ingestion

To read more about uploading documents on Everlaw, feel free to refer to the articles in our Uploads section.

Everlaw can link original non-English documents to corresponding translated versions so that you can easily jump back and forth between the documents and their translations.

The ingestion process is very similar to our normal ingestion workflow.  Please submit the data as a processed upload. In addition, please include in your upload a mapping CSV spreadsheet with the following columns:

  • Translation File Name (i.e. “Shareholders Meeting Minutes”) - if the translated file is a native (not a PDF or image)
  • Original Begin Bates/Control # (i.e. “#3997.1”)
  • New Begin Bates/Control # (i.e. “TRANS_03397”) or the desired Bates/Control # for the translated version if the new documents do not have a Bates/Control #
  • Page Count of translated document
  • Any other metadata you need, including Custodian or Date

An example mapping spreadsheet is shown here:


Please note that if you do not provide a numbering sequence for your files, Everlaw Support will sequentially assign numbers beginning at 1. If you do not provide a Bates prefix for the translated version, Everlaw Support will assign "TRANS_" as the prefix. 

Zip up the translated file(s) and the mapping file and submit the data as a processed upload.

Upon receipt of the documents and the mapping file, we will convert and upload the translations to the platform, using sequential internal ID numbers or any other prefix designated by you (such as “Trans”). 

To link the translated documents as versions of the original documents, Everlaw support will map the provided "Original Begin Bates" field to the versions field under database metadata settings. 


This will allow translated versions of documents to appear in the versions context in the review window. Furthermore, it will also allow you to group original and translated documents together on the results table.

Note, however, that other fields can also be mapped to versions. In particular, versions is how Everlaw links pre-produced and produced versions of documents. Thus, related documents other than the translations may appear in the versions context and document grouping of a particular document. 

If you have special needs which cannot be addressed by this ingestion process, please contact your Everlaw account manager or Customer Experience team ( We will try our best to find a satisfactory solution for you. Please note that if your desired workflow requires data manipulation, or other manual work not described above, we might charge you at the rate of $140 per hour for the necessary work. We will always notify you of any non-standard data and associated costs prior to performing the work.


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