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How do I search for documents by language?

You can use the search query builder to find documents based on which languages they contain. Drag-and-drop or click the search term “Language” into the query builder. If you click the blank field, a dropdown list of languages will appear. These are the languages that your project admin indicates are included in your document sets. Clicking the Primary checkbox returns documents where the language specified in the search is the language with the highest percentage of text on that document. 

To search for two languages, drag-and-drop or click the “Language” search term twice to create two queries. There is no maximum to the number of languages you can search, but keep in mind that Everlaw will only index the top three language results per document. If a document contains large sections in English, Chinese, and Korean, but only a few words in Japanese, it may not appear among search results if you search for documents in Japanese. 


You can customize your results table to see the different proportions of languages in each document. On the right-hand side, click the green plus sign, and select the “Languages” category.  Click “Okay” to include this column in your results table.  You can now see each document’s percentage breakdown of the languages you searched for. For example, if you searched for “English” and “French”, the breakdown might show 90% English and 5% French.  The remaining 5% is another language(s).


Why isn't the Languages search term appearing in my project?

This may be because you have not set up for any non-English languages to be searchable in your project. To add a language, navigate to Project Settings, click the General tab, and then Language Tools. From here, you can type to add them; this will populate the “Language” search term with your expected languages and allow the system to search for documents in those languages.


To read more about Language Tools, check out this article.

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