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Whitelisting IP addresses and countries 

In addition to setting group permissions to limit access to tools within projects, project admins can also restrict access to the entire project based on the country or IP address a user signs in from. For example, if you only wanted your team to be able to access the project from your office, you could choose to whitelist only your office’s IP address.

To restrict access to a project based on users’ locations, navigate to the Project Settings page via the Project Navigation dropdown.


Then, click the Permissions tab on the left sidebar and choose Location Whitelist.


When your project is first created, no IP addresses or countries will be whitelisted. If nothing has been whitelisted, everyone on the project can access the project.


To add an IP address or country to the project’s whitelists, click Edit.


To add an IP address, click Add IP Addresses. From here, you can enter a list of IP addresses, or upload a file of IP addresses to whitelist. You can also whitelist IP address subnets (e.g.,


Once you’ve entered the IP address(es) to whitelist, click Add.

If there are IP addresses in your whitelist, but you have not whitelisted any countries, users must log in to the project from one of the whitelisted IP addresses.


To add a country to the whitelist, click Add Countries. From here, you can select specific countries, or select all available countries to add to the whitelist. Once you’ve added the country (or countries) you intend to whitelist, click Add.


If there are countries in your whitelist, but you have not whitelisted any IP addresses, users must log in to the project from one of the whitelisted countries.


If both IP addresses and countries have been added to your whitelists, users can access the project by either logging in from one of the whitelisted IP addresses, or by logging in from within one of the whitelisted countries.


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Admin Access

Turning on Admin Access will grant project admins access to the project, regardless of whether their present IP address or country has been whitelisted or not.


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Organization administrators

Organization administrators are subject to the same location restrictions as other users. However, if Admin Access (discussed above) has been toggled on for the project, and the organization admin can otherwise access the database (e.g., Organization Admin Access is set to Yes), then they will have access to the project, regardless of their location or their explicit project permissions.

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