Refreshing and Editing Your Search

Refreshing and editing respectively allow you to update your results table to include the latest document hits, and edit the parameters of an existing search without needing to start from scratch. The refresh and edit icons are located in the results table toolbar: 

Refreshing a Search

Refreshing a search (either using the icon in the toolbar or manually refreshing the results table page) will update your results table with any changes you or other reviewers might have performed under your search parameters or any edits made to shared searches. 

Any set of documents accessed outside of a search card is automatically refreshed each time it is accessed. For example, every time you access a binder, the results table will show all documents that are currently part of the binder, regardless of what the results table looked like when you last opened the binder. Additionally, Data Visualizer always looks at refreshed data.

As a convenience to reviewers, the review table does not update without your permission; this prevents documents from being added or removed from a review without you knowing. When documents have been added or removed from your result set, or a shared search has been edited, a green star will appear beside the refresh icon.  If you hover over the icon, a notification will appear to provide you information about new documents in the result set. 

Documents added to a binder, given a rating, or had a code changed by any user will be updated when the refresh icon is clicked.

If you create a search that references a prior search, your new search will display the prior search’s newest results, even if the results table for the prior search itself has not been refreshed. Refreshing the prior search later on, however, will not automatically refresh the newer search, and vice versa.

For example, let's say you create a search, Search 2, that references a prior search, Search 1. You last refreshed the results table for Search 1 three weeks ago. Search 2 will incorporate Search 1's latest results, even though you did not directly refresh Search 1's results table. If, however, two weeks later, you decide to refresh the results table for Search 2, it will not automatically refresh the results table for Search 1. 


Editing a Search

If you want to make changes to your query, but do not want to start over from scratch, click the "Edit" button in the search toolbar.

This will bring you back to the search page with the query builder already populated with the current search terms. From there, you can make any modifications you want, and save these edits as a new search or update the existing search. Updating the search will apply these changes to everyone shared on the search. If you do not want to make any edits and want to return to your results table, select Cancel.

All edits to a search are saved and logged in the search’s version history.

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