Assigning Other Bates


Database Admins and Organization Admins can assign Bates numbers to pre-produced documents for easy reference during your review and post-review workflows. Please note that these assigned Bates numbers will not be burnt into your documents until the documents go through production.

To assign Bates numbers to documents, first open a results table of the documents and ensure that they are in the desired order, as the Other Bates numbers will be assigned in the order in which the documents are sorted in the results table. Then, click the "Assign or remove Other Bates" option under the Batch icon.


To assign Bates, enter the desired Bates prefix and Begin Bates number, then click Apply. Similarly, to remove previously assigned Bates values, select Remove Other Bates, then click Apply. Note that you can leave the “Prefix” field empty to assign Bates numbers with no Bates prefix; simply enter a Bates number and click “Apply” to do so.


When you apply Other Bates, they will be applied at the per page level. For example, if you assign TEST 0001 to your selected documents, and the first document in the group is 3 pages, the next document will have TEST 0004 as its Other Bates assignment. 

To change assigned Other Bates values, you can simply overwrite the current values by reassigning the new values. You don't have to remove the previous values before assigning the new values.

To have zero padding on the assigned Other Bates value, add the zeros in the starting prefix and the rest of the Other Bates will dynamically adjust to the appropriate zeros (e.g. 0001, 0011, 0131, etc.)

On Everlaw, assigned Bates values are stored in the Other Bates metadata field. This means that the Other Bates value will persist for that document across all projects in the database, not just the project in which the Other Bates number was assigned.

Note that these assigned Bates numbers will not be burnt into your documents until you have produced the documents. If you would like to use the assigned Bates numbering in your production protocol, select the option to “Use Other Bates metadata for numbering” during production configuration.

To view the Other Bates values in the results table, select View - Add or remove columns and select the Other Bates field.

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If you are on Everlaw Australia, and would like to learn more about assigning document IDs and other production options please visit this article.

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