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By clicking the Statuses tab in Project Settings, you can monitor all statuses in your project. 

Email Rethreading

After you upload documents, delete documents, run productions, or add metadata overlays, email threads in your database will automatically begin to reindex. A reindex may take minutes to hours depending on the size of your database, as all interrupted email threads are reorganized.

You can turn on notifications in your user settings to inform you that threading is running. These notifications will appear when taking actions in Everlaw that may be affected by ongoing email rethreading, such as grouping a search by email threads, you will be notified with a toast notification. Click the link in the toast notification to be emailed when the rethreading instance is complete. Rethreading toast screenshot.png

Project Admins can navigate to the new Statuses page in Project Settings to monitor the status of email rethreading at any time.

Statuses screenshot.png




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