Results Table Toolbar: Batch Actions

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Within the results table, you can take batch actions, such as coding, deleting, adding notes, and rating documents.


By default, all documents in a search are selected, as indicated by the checkboxes on the left-hand side of each row.  This means any batch action, by default, is applied to all documents in the search.   To apply a batch action to only a subset of documents, first deselect all documents by clicking the topmost checkbox, then select the documents you want included by selecting their associated checkbox(es).


Batch Coding Panel

To rate all of the selected documents, click the "Batch" icon, or the spacebar, to bring up the batch coding panel.

In the coding panel, you can perform a number of batch actions, including:

  • Batch rating
  • Batch coding
  • Denote privilege type
  • Add notes
  • Resolve coding conflicts (case admins only)
  • Add documents to binders or StoryBuilder outlines
  • Update user-editable fields 

Once the batch coding panel is open, you will see a summary of changes, along with the total number of documents you are affecting with the batch action.  You can then choose any combination of labels to apply to your document.  Labels that are mutually exclusive (ie - you can apply only one label in that category) are denoted by the Venn diagram icon.

Below are a few specific instructions for batch actions that you can take in the batch action panel.


Rating and coding documents

To add ratings or codes, click a label to apply.  The label’s text will turn green, and the label will have a dashed green line around it to indicate it has been selected.  To remove those labels from your batch, click that label again.  If you made a mistake and do not want to apply or remove this label from your batch, click the “x” on the right side of the label.  Click the “apply” button to confirm your labels.  Your labels will now be batch added to your documents.


Add documents to Chronology

Within the batch coding panel, you can also batch add documents to the master Chronology or an outline.  These labels listed at the bottom of the batch coding panel under the “StoryBuilder” category.

If you are adding documents to the Chronology, a popup will appear where you will be prompted to select a date for each document’s entry in the Chronology.

There are two types of ways to add a date:

  • Manually input a date: This will become the document date in the Chronology entries for all the affected documents
  • Choose a metadata date field: Each document’s value for that metadata field will become the date value for the respective Chronology entry
    • If a document does not have a value for the chosen field, it will not have a date value in the Chronology.

Click “apply” to confirm.  A task will run in the background, and you will be notified when the task completes in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.



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