Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts, instead of clicking, to efficiently navigate pages on Everlaw. To bring up a list of keyboard shortcuts while reviewing, hit the '?' (shift + /, on many American computers) on your keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts are page-specific.

Pages on Everlaw that have built-in keyboard shortcuts include the homepage, search, results table, review window, and three features that are part of Storybuilder, Timeline, Depositions, and Drafts.


Scroll cards left
Scroll cards right
/ Focus on the filter box
Esc Collapse currently expanded columns
a Expand/collapse Assignments
s Expand/collapse Searches
b Expand/collapse Binders [loading]
t Expand/collapse Storybuilder
u Expand/collapse Document Sets [loading]
e Expand/collapse Batches & Exports
x Toggle Multiselect Mode



Selecting search terms
Move the cursor left
Move the cursor right
Move the cursor down
Move the cursor up
Rearranging search terms
Shift +  Move the selected term left
Shift +  Move the selected term right
Shift + ↓ Move the selected term down
Shift +   Move the selected term up
Editing search terms
f Find a term
Enter Edit the selected term
Esc Stop editing the selected term
Delete Delete the selected term (Fn + Delete on Mac)
n Toggle "NOT"
t Toggle between "AND" and "OR"
a Insert "AND" term
o Insert "OR" term
d Duplicate last created term
Ctrl + Enter Begin review
Ctrl + Delete Start over (Ctrl + Fn + Delete on mac)
Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl + y Redo
Space Toggle the Instant Search Preview
Quick grouping
g then n No grouping
g then a Group by attachments
g then e Group by email threads
g then d Group by exact duplicates
g then v Group by versions

Results Table

Move the focus up
Move the focus down
Page Up Move the focus up five rows
Page Down Move the focus down five rows
c Move the focus to the current document
Expand the focused document's group
Collapse the focused document's group
p Preview the focused document
r Refresh the search with new results
Esc Close the document preview
Enter Open the focused document for review
s Select or deselect the focused document
a Select or deselect all documents
Space Toggle the batch coding panel
f Toggle favorite status for this search


Review Window

Scroll up
Scroll down
Scroll left (if possible) or change pages
Scroll right (if possible) or change pages
i Zoom in
o Zoom out
c Rotate document clockwise (image and native view)
x Rotate document counterclockwise (image and native view)
l Zoom to page height (image view)
k Zoom to page width; play/pause (media view)
j Go to page by number
v then i Switch to Image view
v then t Switch to Text view
v then n Switch to Native view
f Toggle between classic and full-screen mode
Shift +  Go to the previous document
Shift +  Go to the next document
Page Up Go to the previous page
Page Down Go to the next page
Home Go to the first page
End Go to the last page
m Toggle the metadata panel in classic mode, or show the metadata tab in full-screen mode
n Toggle the notes panel in classic mode, or show the annotations tab in full-screen mode
Space Toggle the coding panel in classic mode, or show the Coding tab in full-screen mode
s Toggle the hit highlight panel in classic mode (supported views only), or show the hit highlight tab in full-screen mode
a Go to the Coding Filters text box
Esc Hide data overlays
0 Undo coding changes to current document
p Code as previous
Shift + p Code as previous, then go to next document
1 - 9 Apply preset to current document
Shift + 1 - 9 Apply preset, then go to next document 
Toggle the translate panel in classic mode (supported views only), or show the language tab in full-screen mode
/ Go to custom hits search (supported views only)
[ Go to previous search hit (supported views only)
] Go to next search hit (supported views only)
w Write a new note
h Select the highlighter (image view)
r Redact (image view)
u Toggle unitization tool
g then a Show attachments
g then d Show duplicates
g then e Show email threads
g then v Show versions
g then u Show unitization group
g then g Toggle the context panel
g then 0 Reset all documents in group
g then s Update selected docs in group



/ Filter documents
e Toggle the events view
Space Toggle the batch panel
o Toggle the outline drawer
r Refresh current filter results



Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl + y Redo
Ctrl + f Search
Text Formatting
Ctrl + b Bold
Ctrl + i Italic
Ctrl + u Underline
Tab Indent
Shift + Tab Unindent
f Toggle favorite status for this outline







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