Non-Standard Data

Everlaw does not charge anything for uploading standard data. Standard data includes documents produced into images, text, and natives with a standard load file (.dat for example), documents produced in PDF with embedded text and named after their begin bates number, or documents in native format.

You will incur a charge at an hourly rate of $140 for any work necessary to upload non-standard data. Non-standard data includes:

  • Documents produced to PDF and Bates-stamped, but which are not named after their begin bates and lacking a companion load file. In order to have the system recognize the numbering of these files, we will need to rename them to their begin bates number.
  • Load files with errors in them. Some of the most common errors in load files are improper formatting of column separator characters, overlapping bates ranges, or differences in the number of columns by row. If we are able to fix these problems, you would incur a technical cost for the work done.
  • PDF productions without unitization. If you receive a production of multiple documents as a single pdf without any document divisions, we will need to either unitize before upload or you will need to make use of the on-platform unitization tool to logically break up the document after upload. If you'd like us to unitize before upload, we will refer this work to a partner at their current rate without markup.  Using the on-platform unitization tool does not involve any additional fees.  

Documents produced to PDF and Bates-stamped, but lacking embedded text or companion text files are also considered non-standard in that they require additional processing to be fully searchable.  To ingest these types of productions, we will run OCR on the files to extract text.  This incurs an additional charge of 1.5 cents per page. There is no hourly charge for this work. 

We will always notify you of any non-standard data and associated costs prior to performing the work.

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