Searching Emails

How can I search for senders, recipients, or send dates of emails?

The best way to search for email senders or recipients, as well as other email-related metadata like sent date, is by using a metadata search term, instead of a contents search term. This is because the contents term searches within the entire textual content of a document, while the metadata term only searches within the document’s metadata, and can therefore return more precise results.

To search for email-related metadata, insert a metadata search term into the query builder. Metadata terms are in navy blue. Choose the relevant field from the dropdown menu, and select the value you would like to search for. Leave the Exact box unchecked to retrieve documents that have similar, though perhaps non-identical, values to the value you are searching against. For example, searching for emails from “Jeff Q. Dasovich” and leaving the Exact box unchecked will retrieve emails from both “Jeff Q. Dasovich” and “Jeff Dasovich.”


Email dates:

When searching among emails, the Date field is usually mapped to the Date Sent field. This means that if you construct a metadata search for emails using the Date field, Everlaw will retrieve emails that were sent within the date range you specify.

Why are expected results not showing?

If you are not able to search within a certain metadata field, or you find that your search is not bringing up all the expected results, it may be because that metadata field was not provided or incompletely provided by the producing party for the documents on your project. You can check the documents’ metadata by looking at the dropdown menu of the metadata search term, or by including a column for that metadata field in the results table. If there are email metadata fields that are not present in Everlaw-processed documents (those that are prefixed with “#”), you can reach out to for clarification.

How can I search for all communications related to a particular person?

To search for all emails related to a particular person or email address, use four metadata search terms, and select the From, To, CC, and BCC fields respectively. In the value parameter of each search term, type the email or name you are searching for. (You can leave the Exact box for the search terms checked or unchecked, according to your needs.)

The four search terms should be enclosed within an OR container. This is because you are searching for documents that contain any of the four metadata values you have specified.

Below is an example of a properly constructed search for all communications related to a single person:


You can also create an alias field that combines the four aforementioned fields, and then conduct a search on that alias using a single metadata search term (rather than using four metadata terms). To read more about alias fields, refer to the relevant section of the metadata article

How can I search within an email domain?

Let’s say you want to search for all emails sent from anyone at To construct this search, select the metadata search term, select the From field, and type (quotation marks are usually unnecessary) into the value parameter:


This will retrieve all emails whose From field contains the text string “” Importantly, you’ll want to leave the Exact box unchecked for this search. This is because no email address will exactly match the string “;” there will always be additional characters in front of the string.

Additionally, do not use values like “” or “*” when searching for all emails that belong to a domain. Everlaw’s search tool will not be able to parse strings that begin with special characters like @ or *. Since domain names come at the end of email addresses, typing “” will be enough to retrieve emails that end in “”


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