Uploading Exported Google Vault Files

Google Vault is a legal hold tool that allows you to manage and export your google data for discovery purposes. Everlaw can process Google Vault files either directly via a cloud connector or from exported files. 

From Vault, you can create exports that consist of actual data files (in a series of zips) and two Google-generated metadata files: one with custodian information and another with file metadata.  When you generate an export in Vault, you can download these files individually. There will be a checksum file that can be ignored.

To load the files with the metadata overlay on Everlaw, you first need to download all the files, combine them into a single archive (e.g. a Zip file) and then upload that Zip (similar to the process for split archives/images). 

Here is an example of Google Vault export files:

  • EXPORT_NAME-custodian-docid.csv    
  • EXPORT_NAME-metadata.xml              
  • EXPORT_NAME_0.zip                            
  • EXPORT_NAME_1.zip      

The Vault files must have their original filenames as downloaded from Google Vault. Then, you should create a combined Zip of the above files. That Zip file can then be uploaded to Everlaw’s native upload tool as normal. 


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