Uploading PDF Portfolios

Everlaw supports uploading PDF portfolios as native documents. These are PDFs that act as container documents, potentially containing many other documents of varied types. 

Identifying PDF portfolios

When you come across a PDF portfolio, the container document itself does not contain any information beyond a splash page, shown below, that directs a user to open the PDF in an Adobe program.


PDF portfolios will have a .pdf extension like a normal PDF, but you can identify PDF portfolios by doing a metadata search. Look for documents with “portfolio” in the Mime Type field. Make sure not to click the “Exact” checkbox.


Viewing the documents inside a PDF portfolio

You may want to view the documents contained in a PDF portfolio together in order to better understand the documents in context. Like other container files (such as ZIP files) that are processed on Everlaw, you can see the child documents of a PDF portfolio by searching for the portfolio’s control number in the Parent ID metadata field. In addition, you can use the file explorer context to view the portfolio’s child documents from the review window. The Data Visualizer will also allow you to look at the file structure of a PDF portfolio. Open the relevant Parent ID search, visualize the documents, and choose File Path under the Document section. 

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