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An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of defined inputs and outputs that allows one software product or application, like Everlaw, to communicate data to another computer application or script. Everlaw’s API allows clients to build custom applications and programs leveraging data stored in Everlaw. Everlaw’s API makes it possible for your external programs to access Everlaw project management information like database sizes, permission groups, user information, and more. 

The API keys tab of the Organization Admin dashboard lets you generate API keys for your programs to securely connect with your organization’s data. An API key is a long string of letters and numbers equivalent to a password. Therefore, you can only download each key once at initial creation, and API keys should be treated with great care. Click “Create API Key” to generate a new key. After you name your key, a pop-up will present a one-time opportunity to obtain your key by copying it to your clipboard or downloading it as a CSV. 


To manage your keys, click the toggle to temporarily enable or disable a particular key. Click the X to permanently revoke a key. You’ll see the dates each key was created or last used by an application or script. The prefix for each key is the first several digits of the API key, and can be used to help identify your keys offline. 

Technical documentation describing the specific expected inputs and outputs of each API endpoint is hosted on Everlaw and linked below. Please use the correct region-specific URL when developing with Everlaw's API.

If you or your engineering team have questions about using Everlaw’s API, please reach out to

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