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This article covers organization admin functionalities, which are available to certain users with contracts covering unlimited database creation. 


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Cloud Management Administrators manage an Everlaw organization’s connected cloud organizations. Cloud Management Administrators (or CMAs) can connect to other cloud applications and grant users in their Everlaw organization permission to upload their data through the cloud. For information on adding CMAs to your organization, read the "Creating Cloud Management Admins" section of our Organization Admin article

Cloud Management Admins only have access to the Cloud Management tab of the Organization Page. Organization Admins can see all connected applications that have been added to their Everlaw organization, while Cloud Management Admins will only be able to see connected applications that they added, or to which they have been added.


Connecting a Microsoft Organization to your Everlaw Organization

Cloud Management Admins that are also Global Admins on Microsoft 365 can connect their Microsoft organizations to Everlaw. Connecting a Microsoft organization to Everlaw allows CMAs with Global Admin permissions on their Microsoft organization the ability to create a list of delegated users that are able to perform cloud uploads from Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365, O365, or M365), regardless of their permissions on the Microsoft organization.

To connect your Microsoft organization with your Everlaw organization, navigate to the Cloud Management tab of the Organization page. 



Any account that has Cloud Management permissions (but not Org Admin permissions), and is not added to any projects will be automatically taken to this page directly after logging in. If you are not on the Organization page, it can be found by clicking the Organization icon in the top right of the screen. 


Once on the Cloud Management tab of the Organization page, adding a Microsoft organization can be done by clicking the green “+ Add Microsoft organization” button in the top right of the screen. This button will open a Microsoft login screen where you can log in with your Global Admin credentials. Everlaw requires a Microsoft Global Admin to give consent on behalf of the Microsoft organization for Everlaw to access your data.  

Added organizations will appear in the table, as well as any users that can access that organization’s data. You will automatically be added to any organizations you connect to Everlaw. Cloud Management Admins can rename any cloud organizations they have added by clicking the pencil icon in the Actions column. Renamed organizations will have their original name displayed in parentheses below their new name.



You can connect multiple Microsoft organizations, and they will each appear as their own entry in this list. Organization Admins can see all connected cloud organizations that have been added to their Everlaw organization, while Cloud Management Admins will only be able to see connected cloud organizations that they added, or to which they have been added. 


Delegating Upload Permissions

To grant a user permission to upload data from a Microsoft organization you have connected to Everlaw, click the green plus icon in the Actions column of the added organization. This will open a dialog box where you can select users on your Everlaw organization’s projects. Once you confirm each user’s email, click Grant access and the users will be added as authorized uploaders of the organization’s data. 


⚠️ Take caution: Authorizing a user to upload data from your Microsoft organization will allow them to upload all of your organization’s Teams chats, Outlook mail, Outlook calendars, and OneDrive files even if they do not have permission to see them in your Microsoft organization. Granting users this upload permission in Everlaw will give them access to upload all of your organization's data even if they are not a member of your Microsoft organization. Any users you grant upload permissions to will have the ability to upload, and therefore access, all of your organization’s data. You should only grant this permission to users that are trusted to access all of your organization’s data. 



Users that have been granted permission to upload data from an organization will be listed under the respective organization. The Global Admin that granted them permission will also be listed, as well as the date and time they were granted access. 



Revoking this permission can be done at any time by clicking the “x” next to the user’s name under their respective Microsoft organization. Revoking permissions can be done by any user with Cloud Management Admin permissions, regardless of their Global Admin status. 

By default, an email notification will be sent to all Cloud Management Admins that have been added to the cloud organization whenever an upload is started by a delegated user. This setting can be toggled at the bottom of the Cloud Management tab.

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