Upload Additional Options Settings and Behavior


While uploading native or processed data, users are able to assign custom metadata values and work product. Here are some important things to know about this functionality. 



Work product Only applied to documents in the project the user is uploading from, not other projects that may be targeted by the upload.
Custom metadata field values

Applied to documents in all projects that are targeted by the upload.

If a document is subsequently added to a project through the batch add option, custom values will only be applied to the document in the target project if the field in that project is marked editable



Work product The uploader’s permissions in the project they are uploading from determines the available work product. In addition, work product cannot be modified if the upload is being accessed from outside a project. This affects processed uploads, which can be initiated or accessed from the Org Admin page.
Custom metadata field values

Uploaders must have the “Edit metadata” project permission to select editable fields and supply custom values. 


Uploaders must have project admin permissions in the project to create new editable fields.

New source files

Any custom field value or work product applied to the original native upload will also be applied to any new source files added to the upload. However, this can be limited in two ways:

  • If work product (like a code, binder, etc.) no longer exists in the project, it will not be applied
  • If the user adding the new source files does not have the right permissions to apply certain fields or work product, only those that the user does have permissions for will be applied. Users will be notified if this is the case.


Default custom fields

Default custom fields are fields that are always shown on the “Additional options” step of an upload. Default fields are a per-project setting. If there are multiple projects in a database, each will maintain its own list of default fields.    

Note that this option only pre-populates the metadata table with the chosen default fields; users performing uploads are not required to fill out a default field.


Users with upload, database admin, or org admin permissions can set up default fields from the Advanced Settings tab of the uploads page. See this article for more information

If a default custom field is later changed to be non-editable in the project, it will be removed from the default field list. Users who are toggling the editable setting will be warned if this is the case.


Default custom fields can also be templated: it is a setting that can be copied when creating new projects. 


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