Documents, binders, searches, assignments, and StoryBuilder outlines can all be shared in Everlaw. All sent and received messages and shared objects can be accessed through the message center.

Accessing the Share Option

Objects like searches, binders, outlines, etc. are represented via elements called "cards". Cards can be shared via the three-dot menu icon. Click on the icon, and a panel of options will be displayed. Select "share" from the list, and the share dialogue will open. If you do not have access to the three-dot menu icon or the share option, it is because you do not have proper permissions to modify or share the object.

You can also share any object you are looking at if you see the "share" icon somewhere in the toolbar or screen.

The Share Dialogue

Once you select the share option, a dialogue will open where you can choose who you would like to share the object with, whether it be individual users or entire groups of users. You can also easily choose to share the object with everyone in a particular organization. To learn more about sharing with organizations, click here.

In addition, you can add an optional note to provide more information. Depending on what you are sharing, you can also grant different levels of permission to the recipients. For example, if you are sharing a binder, you can choose to let your recipients only view the documents in the binder, add and/or remove documents from the binder, or have full sharing and deleting permissions.

Permission Management

For objects that have permission settings associated with them, you can view existing permissions from the share dialogue. Just click the "View existing permissions' link in the lower left.

You cannot revoke existing permissions. For example, if you shared a binder with a colleague and gave them "edit" permissions, which allows them to add and remove documents from the binder, you cannot then try to restrict their permission level to "view" only. In other words, users can only be given less restrictive permissions.


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