Getting started with Everlaw AI Assistant

Everlaw AI Assistant features are only available in beta for select customers. For more information, please see this webpage.

👋  Welcome to the Everlaw AI Assistant beta! This article provides a high-level overview of available features, with links to deeper dives for each feature. We'll also cover administrative settings. 

  • If you're looking for a general overview of the beta program itself (including how to join), or information about our privacy and security standards, please see our Beta FAQ
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Overview of features

Feature Benefits

Document summaries: Everlaw AI Assistant can generate a summary for a document. Summaries are viewable from the Review Window, the Results Table, and in Storybuilder. Summaries can be generated for individual documents, or in batches (up to 10,000 docs in a batch).

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  • Comprehend and recall documents more effectively: review summaries, topics, and/or coding suggestions in tandem with the document text to enhance your comprehension and analysis of the content


  • Get to insights faster: add the columns associated with summaries and coding suggestions to your results table and use them to quickly understand, sort, and prioritize a large set of documents


  • Search more effectively: search and filter by coding suggestions to hone in faster on the right documents for what you need


  • Speed up reporting: export summaries and coding suggestions from the results table as part of a CSV, and reduce the manual effort needed to create reports or work product where the substance or classification of documents matter


  • Creatively engage with your documents: if you require more idiosyncratic or creative analysis of a document, leverage document Q&A to get tailored insights

Topic analysis:

Everlaw AI Assistant can analyze a document for topics. For each identified topic, Everlaw will provide (1) a summary for the topic; (2) related document snippets; (3) a sentiment rating for the topic with reasoning for the rating; and (4) a list of related entities, with descriptions for each entity. 

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Document Q&A:
Ask any question of your document.

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Coding suggestions:

Everlaw AI Assistant can suggest whether codes should be applied to a document based on user-provided instructions ("prompts"). Rationales for the suggestions will also be provided. Coding suggestions can be generated for individual documents, or in batches (up to 2000 docs in a batch). Users can also search and filter documents based on suggestions. 

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Writing Assistant:

Using documents curated by your team in Storybuilder, Everlaw AI Assistant can generate new content or analysis. Examples include evidence memos, outlines of arguments, and lists of facts of events. 

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  • A tireless partner for synthesizing evidence and brainstorming: leverage Writing Assistant to get in-the-moment help compiling and synthesizing evidence, or use it for more creative purposes like exploring different ways of framing an argument or understanding possible counterarguments.  

Need some ideas on how to incorporate these features into common workflows? Check out this article.


Everlaw AI Assistant admin settings

Project admins on databases in the beta can administer Everlaw AI Assistant features from the Project Settings > General > LLM Tools page. 

Here, admins can toggle Everlaw AI Assistant features on/off for the project. By default, all Everlaw AI Assistant features are toggled on, with the exception of Coding Suggestions which requires additional user set up. For more information about Coding Suggestions, see this article

Admins can also set feature-specific settings, including:

  • Case description:

    • Provide a description of the case, which will be used as context for Everlaw AI Assistant features, including coding suggestions.

  • Review Window:

    • Enable/disable the Review Assistant in your project

    • Choose the desired length of document summaries 

    • Enable coding suggestions and configure categories and codes to allow users to generate suggestions for a document in the review window or in batch from the results table.

  • Storybuilder summaries:

    • Automatically generate summaries and descriptions for all new documents added to Storybuilder

    • Batch generate summaries and descriptions for all entries in Storybuilder lacking a description

    • Batch delete all AI generated summaries and descriptions

  • Writing Assistant:

    • Turn the Writing Assistant on or off in your project

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