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Quick review is a lightweight review experience that is optimized for high-speed and high-volume evaluation of documents. With this mode, you can quickly view document’s contents and make coding decisions without losing the important context offered by the results table.

Opening Documents in Quick Review

To toggle on quick review, click the quick review button in the toolbar of the results table or press “q.” This will open a resizable review panel that makes it easy to view the documents of your search. You can also open other documents in the panel by simply clicking on the document row or navigating up and down the document rows. 


You can also easily open the document in the review window by clicking “Open for full review” in the bottom of the panel in quick review. If the review window is open at the same time as quick review, the review window will update to reflect what is being viewed on quick review. 

You can also easily resize the quick review window by either resizing your browser, or dragging the left-most border of the quick review pane.


Right-most results table columns covered by quick review will still be accessible by a horizontal scrollbar. 

Viewing Documents and Work Product

Quick Review will default to displaying the PDF view of most documents, or the text view when there is no PDF available. Spreadsheet, audio, and video files will default to their native formats.

You can adjust the view of your document with the zoom in and /out icons on the top of quick review. If your document is zoomed in, you can also move within the document by clicking the up, down, left, and right arrows on your keyboard.

In addition, given appropriate permissions, you can view any notes, redactions, or highlights applied in the review window in the quick review viewer. 


Please note that they are view-only. To create or edit any existing notes, redactions or highlights, you must do so in the review window.

Coding Documents

The coding bar at the top of the quick review panel displays all applied codes, ratings, binders, and freeform codes. In addition, Everlaw displays code categories that have been pinned in the classic mode of the review window. Space permitting, Everlaw also populates this bar with suggested code categories based on your most recently applied codes.

You can click on any of the visible labels to view underlying codes and/or apply or remove codes and ratings.



Depending on your permissions, you may also see additional options for:

  • Applying and editing coding presets or code as previous. These options will appear in the bottom panel of the viewer For more information about presets and code as previous, please see this article
    • Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 2.32.06 PM.png
  • Creating new codes 
    • Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 2.31.57 PM.png

Hit Highlighting

You can also use hit highlighting in quick review to quickly locate important words or phrases in the document you are currently viewing. The hit highlighting panel displays the following three categories of hit highlights:

  • Search Hits are terms or phrases, if any, from the content search(es) used to retrieve the document. 
  • Custom Hits are highlights you can add in the review window as you review documents. Please note you must first pin the custom hit in the review window for it to be retained as a custom hit in quick review. 
  • Persistent Hits are highlights set up by project admins that will appear for all users in the project. Please note that for quick review, we display the total hits per category, instead of the counts of each individual component hit like in the review window. 


To learn more about the different types of hit highlights and how to set them up for your review, you can refer to this article. 

The hit highlighting bar will display the total number of hits found on your document. To jump to the previous or next instance of a particular hit, click the left or right arrows of the bar or the “[“ and “]” keyboard shortcuts, respectively. You can also adjust the hits you want to appear on your document by checking or unchecking them from the hit highlighting panel, with your preference retained per session.


Keyboard shortcuts

Quick review has a suite of helpful keyboard shortcuts that can also speed up your review. To access the full list, open quick review in the results table and simply press the "?" (shift + /) key. 


To learn more about all the keyboard shortcuts we offer across the platform, you can read this article.

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