Organization Admin: Creating New Databases

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Creating new databases and projects

As an organization administrator on Everlaw, you are able to create new databases and projects on the platform. To create a new database and project, navigate to the Projects & Users tab on the Organization Administration page.

Click the “+ Add a new Database” button at the top of the projects list. Then you will have the option to create a blank project or use an existing project as a template by choosing to "Copy settings from an existing project." If you are creating an ECA database, you will be able to select two different projects, an ECA project and a review project, to use as templates. Visit this article to learn more about using a project as a template.

If you are using a template that you are not a user on and you choose to copy over the users and permissions from the template project, you will be added to the new project in the "Template Administrators" permission group that is created when the new database is created. If you do not copy over the Users and Permissions, then you will be added to the "Project Administrators" permission group when the new database is created. 

Selecting "Create" will automatically create both a database to upload documents to, as well as a project in which you can conduct review work. Once you have created the database, you will be redirected to the project’s Project Settings page.


Adding users to your project

You can add users to your case as you normally would through the Project Settings page.

As you assign users to groups, remember that users must be both case admins and part of the “Uploaders” group to be able to upload native documents to Everlaw.

Read our help article about users and groups for more information.  

Setting up codes

You are able to create your coding sheet as you normally would through the Codes section on the Project Settings page. 

You can also enable multifactor authentication (MFA) through the General section on the Project Settings page.   


Organization administrators can find options for deduplication in the General tab of Project Settings. Please refer to this article on admin deduplication settings for information.


The project timezone determines what timezone should be displayed in the metadata panel for documents. You can specify the project timezone in the General section of the Project Settings page.

Persistent Highlights

If you would like certain terms to be highlighted on all documents in your project, you can create persistent highlights through the Persistent Highlights page under the General section of the Project Settings page.


For more information about persistent highlights, see our help article.  

Language Tools

You can translate and search for documents that contain non-English text by turning on the translation tool in the Project Settings page. This will enable the review window language translator. Then, select which languages you expect to be present in your documents. Only expected languages will be indexed and searchable.


* Note that Organization administrators have different platform access than Project Admins.

Creating a new database without an Organization Administrator

Clients on a case subscription do not have an Organization Administrator. Reach out to your Everlaw team to set up a new case. You can do this from the help menu accessed by pressing the "?" in the upper right of the Everlaw platform. Select the "Buy a new case" button, fill out the form, and your Everlaw team will be in touch within one business day. If your request is urgent, if you have questions about your request, or if you do not hear back within one business day, contact  

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