Billing and Pricing FAQ

Everlaw Pricing Approach

Everlaw has a tiered pricing structure based on the amount of data stored—per case or project.  As the data size increases from one tier to the next, the incremental data is charged at the lower rate associated with the next tier.  This hosting fee is discounted if there is no processing work required to convert the files into standard PDF/text/native formats.  See your individualized Everlaw Price Quote for specific figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How are native documents priced?

A:  We charge for the size of the native documents when removed from any container (zip or PST), but before processing expansion occurs.  In other words, you don’t pay for the generated PDF images or extracted text, just the original unitized natives.  Native storage fees are based on the native hosting rates.  


Q: What image format is used when processing inbound native data?

A: We generate PDFs when we image documents.  If you would like us to generate a different image format (e.g., PNG or TIFF), then we will need to charge you to host the full size of those images rather than the size of the unitized natives.  In either case, the storage fees are based on the native hosting rates.


Q: What if I want to review in native format?

A: You are welcome to review in native format, but we must still process the documents to both extract text—making those natives searchable—and ready the files for eventual production to opposing party.  For all incoming native documents intended for native pre-production review, we will extract text and convert into a compatible format.  The incoming natives will count as native data, and your hosting rates will reflect that.  Native productions coming from other participants in the case that will not be produced or reproduced by you will be charged at the processed rate.


Q:  How are productions generated by Everlaw handled?

A:  Our standard approach is to upload any productions back into the active case.  This allows the user the ability to quickly reference and compare produced documents versus the original native files.  There is no charge for the production process, but Everlaw will charge for the storage size of the produced files per the standard pricing.  This data is considered processed and accordingly incurs the lower hosting rate, at the full size of the production.

Q:  Are there any data types or issues that result in charges beyond the models shown above?

A:  Yes, in some instances.  Work with non-standard data incurs an additional hourly fee at the rate of $140/hour.  Check out our article on non-standard data to learn more.   


Q:  Can you ingest PDF-only productions that lack extractable text?

A:  Yes, however documents produced to PDF and Bates-stamped, but lacking embedded text or companion text files, are also considered non-standard.  To ingest these types of productions, we will run OCR on the files to extract text.  This incurs an additional charge of 1.5 cents per page.  


Q:  At what point in the month is the case size determined for billing purposes?

A:  Case sizes are determined on the 25th day of the month—or the next business day should the 25th fall on a weekend.  Any uploads or removals after that point will be reflected on the subsequent month’s bill.

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