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Everlaw Pricing Approach

Having clear and consistent pricing is a big part of your user experience, so we strive to make our pricing simple, predictable, and transparent. Everlaw’s pricing is based on the amount of data hosted, with unlimited user licenses, unlimited processing and productions, and unlimited access to advanced features like StoryBuilder™ and our prediction engine. We also provide the flexibility to either pay as you go or lock in lower per-GB rates by subscribing to an agreed-upon volume of data on an annual basis. Please feel free to reach out to your Everlaw rep or with any questions about Everlaw’s pricing options.

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When does the monthly billing period start and end?

For billing purposes, Everlaw considers the end of the month, and the start of the next month, to be midnight UTC on the first day of the next month. The timezone used is always UTC, not your local time.

At what point is the project size determined for billing purposes?

Bills will reflect the sum of your project's peak native data size and peak processed data size for the month.

How can I view and manage the size of my data?

To view Analytics, you must be a Project Administrator, or have Analytics permissions as part of your permissions. To view the size of your project’s data, navigate to the Analytics page and select Project Analytics in the sidebar. Then, click Project Size. From here, you can view your data over time, as well as see the peak size for each month.


One way to manage the size of your data is to delete documents that you no longer need hosted on Everlaw. Note that this will reduce your bill for subsequent months, but will not affect the peak size of the current month. For more information on deleting documents from your database, please see our help article

You can delete all documents in a native upload or production if you have Delete or Admin Database permissions. Simply navigate to the card of the upload or production you would like deleted, and click the three-dot menu in the top right corner. Then, click Delete. This will permanently remove all of the documents within the particular upload or production from your project, and any complete projects in the database. It will also be removed from partial projects the documents were uploaded to.


Deleting documents from a native upload. 


Deleting documents from a production. 

Uploaders can also delete documents straight from the results table. 

How quickly does Everlaw delete documents? 

Deletion speed on Everlaw is roughly 1 million documents a day. 

Where can I track the progress of my deletion task? 

You can track the progress of your deletion task in the corresponding Batch Action card under the Batches & Exports column on your homepage.

Will adding documents to a partial project from a complete project increase the size of the data I am billed on?

No, as long as the database is not an ECA database. Please note that uploading new documents to a partial project, which will also add them to any complete projects in your database, will increase your billable data size.

Are there charges aside from hosted data size?

The pricing for Everlaw’s software is based entirely on the amount of data hosted, with unlimited user licenses, unlimited processing and productions, and unlimited access to advanced features like StoryBuilder and our prediction engine.

Should you wish to take advantage of our limited-scope project management, however, those capabilities are offered for an additional hourly fee of $140/hour (with a 1 hour minimum). Additionally, working with non-standard data also incurs an additional hourly fee at the rate of $140/hour.  Check out our article on non-standard data to learn more. 

How are productions generated by Everlaw handled?

We upload produced documents to the project from which they were produced and all complete projects. This allows the user to quickly reference and compare produced documents with the original native files.  There is no charge for the production process and Everlaw will charge for the storage size of the produced files per standard pricing.

What are my options for exporting or suspending data?

There are three options for exporting and suspending your project’s data.

Alternatively, you can export the data and then have Everlaw delete a project. Should you wish to re-upload the documents to Everlaw at a future date, you will need to create a new case. Before closing your project, you can:

  1. Suspend the data on Everlaw. For more information about project and database suspension, see this article. Please review your contract or reach out to our Customer Experience team to understand the terms of suspension.
    • Note: Suspending data has an impact on your bill the first full month that the data is suspended. Your bill will not be impacted by suspension for the month that you start the suspension.
    • Note: Suspending a partial project has no impact on your billing, as all the data remains accessible in the complete project. 
  2. Run a self-managed backup by a exporting all documents and review work to a zip file and loadfiles;
  3. Request an Everlaw-managed backup by having Everlaw perform the export for a one-time fee equivalent to the final full month of storage, plus the cost of the hard drive and shipping and handling.
  4. Choose not to backup any of the project data.

See this article for more information on deletion, suspension, and export options.

Will clicking "Delete Database" from Database Settings page instantly impact my currently billable size or is there any time lag?

Database deletion will instantly affect the current billable size. 

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