Sending Incoming Physical Media to Everlaw

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Can I send physical media to Everlaw?

Everlaw offers robust in-platform ingestion capabilities that make data available for review as quickly as possible. Users with upload permissions can upload native and processed data directly through the platform, which is generally the fastest way to get data into your database.

In some situations, it may be easier to send us your data through physical media in order to expedite the upload process. We recommend sending us physical media for data over 100GB but there are no upper or lower limitations.

If you would like to upload your data directly without sending media to Everlaw, please review our knowledge base articles on uploading native data and uploading processed data to learn more about getting your data onto the Everlaw platform.

How to prepare your shipment

Before sending any media to Everlaw, please note the following requirements:

  • Make sure your data follows our best practices to ensure a quick and efficient upload:
  • Encrypt the data for security purposes.
  • Create a backup copy of any data sent to Everlaw.
    • We strongly recommend to never send the master copy of your data.
  • Submit an Incoming Physical Media Upload Request
    • This step is required to initiate a formal request and for our visibility & tracking purposes.
    • Include the tracking number, the password(s), and describe the contents of the package (e.g., number of drives) as it will be requested in the form & present in the ticket receipt.
  • Fill out and include the Incoming Physical Media Cover Sheet within your shipment to ensure Everlaw has received the correct shipment.
  • Securely package the drive(s) to avoid any damage or loss during shipment.
  • Address the package to our Data Operations team.
    • For US clients, please use the following address:
      • Everlaw
        Attention: Data Operations
        2101 Webster St
        Oakland, CA 94612
    • For UK clients, please contact for instructions on addressing the package.

What to expect after sending physical media

Everlaw is complying with the local public health orders and has directed all employees to work remotely and only enter the office for essential services activity. We are still providing support to Everlaw customers, but as we continue to work from home, we have limited access to handle physical media at our offices daily. Please note that there may be delays in turn-around time for data sent via physical media but they will be communicated to you by the Data Operations team.

Once your shipment has been received, your package will be secured by the Everlaw Data Operations team. If our team has any questions about the data received, our team will notify you before we proceed with the upload. After uploading the data, Everlaw will retain the media for at least 30 days for quality assurance. After this time, we will return the physical media to the specified return address and provide you with its respective tracking number.

Please note that return shipping charges may be applied on your next invoice. (Alternatively, you can include your own prepaid return label for Everlaw to use when the media is ready to be returned.)

All physical media is handled according to strict security procedures, and we are happy to provide more information about our security practices.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to or call 1-844-EVERLAW, ext. 1.

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